Downloading Subliminal Masking SoundsThere are different ways to acquire suitable sound clips to use in a building a masking or accompanying sound track for a subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recording.

One option is to download them from various Internet web sites for free or perhaps at some cost.

What features to look for in an acceptable sound clip should be reviewed before deciding on any particular one.

The preferred features of an acceptable sound clip are grouped into the following categories and each is discussed below:

  • Type of Masking Sounds Available
  • Costs Involved
  • Recording Characteristics
  • Audio Format
  • Absence of Embedded Messages

Type of Masking Sounds Available

Generally, many of the sound segments available have been created using nature sounds. Audio clips of this type are highly recommended, since nature sounds are normally very relaxing to most people.

Types of Masking Sounds AvailableExamples of this could present ocean waves, rainfalls, waterfalls, birds or insects or various other types of sounds.

Other possible types include chimes, bells, classical music, rhythmic chanting, or a range of other themes.

As long as the recorded sound clip is relaxing and soothing, then it is most likely acceptable.

By this it is meant that there should not be any extreme high or low volume levels in the recording and that it should sound reasonably consistent.

The goal is to seek out a pre-recorded audio clip that would not upset the listener in any way and promotes a more relaxed physical and mental state.

Any personal preferences regarding the type of sounds presented in the audio clip should be put aside if you are creating recordings for other people.

As a recording creator, it is far more important that to consider what the potential listener would prefer to hear.

But if you are creating recordings primarily for your own use, then you should of course choose what is most suitable for you. As long as the sound clip is soothing, calm and relaxing, then you have likely made the right choice.

Even so, it is suggested that you remember that what is acceptable to you may not be to others.

Costs Involved for Sound Clips

You may choose to download free audio sound clips, but you should be extremely careful in how you select them. Most are usually short in length and not recorded in high quality.

Cost of Subliminal Masking Sound ClipsBut it is possible that you could find an acceptable free pre-recorded audio segment of reasonable quality, if you are patient and willing to search for them.

There are also many sound clips available if you are willing to pay the cost of obtaining them.

These can vary greatly in price but there is no reason to purchase an entire collection of relaxing nature sounds if you only require a few audio clips.

Another important consideration is whether there are royalty fees charged if you decided to purchase the sound clips and use them in building your masking or sound tracks.

Ideally, there should be no charge for doing so, and consequently it is extremely important to understand this.

Recording Characteristics of Sound Clips

Whether purchased or free of charge, the recorded clips should have certain physical characteristics.

This relates to the sampling frequency, the sample size, number of channels, and the recording format. It is assumed that the recorded clip has been created in a digital manner.

Sound Clip Recording CharacteristicsThe sampling frequency can vary greatly, but the preferred choice is 44,100 Hz. which is the same as that of a standard music CD.

Although sound clips can be created at a lower frequency, anything below 16,000 Hz is likely unacceptable.

The sample size is also important in that a 16-bit sample rate provides greater listening quality than an 8-bit sampling rate.

A recording that uses an 8-bit sample rate is approximately of the same quality as a telephone conversation. One that is encoded using 16-bit sample rate simply sounds better and this is preferred.

Selecting an audio sound clip that has been recorded with two channels (left and right) is a better choice than a mono recording.

Although twice as large in size, the recording may sound better with two different channels and be more entertaining for the listener.

Audio Format

Although there are various audio formats available, any one chosen should be uncompressed and have been recorded digitally. The preferred type is a recording clip that has been saved in the WAV format.

Compressed Audio FormatRecordings in the WAV format are uncompressed but still in a digital format.

Obtaining any type of sound clips that have already been compressed into an MP3, OGG or other type can make it more difficult to mix audio tracks in the final recording.

It is possible to compress recording components before building and mixing the final subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recording, but this is not recommended.

The best time to apply audio compression techniques is after the recording has been finally mixed.

However, if you decide to obtain a recorded audio sound clip in a compressed format (e.g. MP3, OGG), it will have to be decompressed in order to mix it with other aspects of your final recording.

This can be reasonably easy to do with the proper audio mixing software, but should be avoided if possible.

Absence of Embedded Messages

Embedded Subliminal MessagesNo matter where the audio sound segments are obtained from, they must not contain embedded subliminal messages.

If they do, then this can affect the final recording and its ability to help the listener.

If you choose to purchase a sound clip or track, it is highly unlikely that it will contain any embedded subliminal messages.

However, if you download one at no cost then you should consider it possible that subliminal messages may have been planted in the recorded clip.

The easiest way to detect if embedded messages exist in a recording is to simply play the sound clip at a higher volume level and listen carefully.

To summarize, there are various choices available with respect to selecting a pre-recorded sound clip. You can download either free or not so free sound clips that can be used in building a masking or sound track.

As long as you cautious and observe these guidelines, it should be more than possible to find an audio sound clip that meets your needs.

There are also other options available such as recording or generating your own sound tracks which may be of benefit.

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