One of the most important aspects when creating either a subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal audio recording is to ensure that the volume or amplitude of the message, sound, masking or brainwave tracks be set at the correct level. This article discusses what these levels should be and why the quality of your recording depends on it.

Although not exactly the same as loudness, amplitude is closely related to it and is measured using the decibel scale. Once you have created the supporting tracks to be used in the final recording, the amplitude or decibel level of each will have to be adjusted before mixing the tracks together. How this is done is dependent on the type of recording and is completely different for subliminal, supraliminal and paraliminal recordings.

Subliminal Recordings and Amplitude

By definition, a subliminal recording is a mixture of two audio tracks, one presenting the message statements and a second that acts as a masking track. The messages must be perceptible by the brain, but not quite audible to the conscious mind. The masking track is completely audible and also acts to make the recording sound more interesting to the ear.

When you first build the audio message track, it should be at a normal level of volume and this is necessary in order to verify that the message statements have been created properly. It is also important that whether you record your own message statements or generate them using text-to-speech software that they sound consistent.

By consistent it is meant that the amplitude or loudness of each statement be at the same level. Also, the speed and manner in which the message statements are presented should be reasonably slow and sound calm and relaxing. The best strategy when creating the message track is to pretend that you are talking to a young child.

The masking audio track should also be consistent and be relaxing to the listener. Sound clips that are erratic in volume and have many highs and lows in loudness are not recommended in any way. Using relaxing music or nature sounds is a much better choice.

Once you have built both the audio message and masking sound tracks and are satisfied with them, you will have to consider adjusting their level of volume or amplitude before mixing them together to create the final recording. The difference in amplitude between the message track and the masking track should be approximately 15 decibels, but this can vary either way by several decibels.

A common mistake made by people new to creating subliminal recordings and unfortunately even some companies that sell them is that they reduce the amplitude of the message track by too large a degree. Instead of reducing it by 15 decibels, it may be lowered it by as much as 30 to 40 decibels. In doing so, they may make the message statements physically inaudible and effectively render the final recording useless.

The software program you choose in mixing your message and masking tracks will provide you with the ability to adjust amplitude levels and it may take repeated attempts before you arrive at just the right sound levels. Even though the software is precise in how this is done, the best judge should still be your ears.

It is suggested that you listen to each track and the potential final mixed recording repeatedly until you are satisfied that the messages can be heard and that they are not overwhelmed by the masking sound track. It will likely be necessary to greatly increase the volume of the sound system of your computer in order to do this.

Supraliminal Recordings and Amplitude

With a supraliminal recording, both the message track and the accompanying sound track are designed to be completely audible. It is also important that the message track include a short initial segment designed to relax the body and optionally, the mind of the listener.

But even though both the message and accompanying sound track should be audible, it does not mean that they should be mixed at the same level of amplitude. This is an often overlooked point when building supraliminal recordings.

As with a subliminal audio recording, both the message and sound tracks should be created in the best way possible. Aside from the additional introductory relaxation segment in the message track, there is no difference between a subliminal and supraliminal recording except for the amplitude levels of the supporting audio tracks.

How they are mixed is important and it is suggested that you adjust the amplitude of each track appropriately. If you have created both the message and sound tracks properly, then they should each be consistent in how they sound. They will likely be at approximately the same level of amplitude or loudness.

But before mixing the message and sound tracks together it is advised that you adjust the amplitude of the message track. The message statements should be audible, but they should seem almost like someone was politely and calmly speaking to you as you were falling asleep.

If the message track was created by applying the guidelines suggested previously for subliminal recordings, then it should be calm, relaxing and consistent. The same principles apply to the sound track that you decide to include in the final recording.

For a supraliminal recording the message track should be reduced in amplitude by approximately 5 decibels. The reason for doing this is so that even though both the message and sound tracks are audible, the message track will sound more comforting to the listener at slightly lower amplitude.

Paraliminal Recordings and Amplitude

A paraliminal recording is considerably different than a subliminal or supraliminal recording. It normally includes three or more different audio tracks instead of the two that are commonly used in subliminal or supraliminal recordings. The additional track included is a brainwave track and it is designed to induce a relaxed mental state by using binaural tones.

The brainwave track must be created using two channels or in stereo because it is usually necessary to present different sound frequencies to each ear in order to achieve the desired effect. The desired effect is to induce a state of mind so that the listener experiences an alpha, theta or delta brain experience. By doing so, the listener becomes more receptive to the message statements presented in the audio message track.

Each of the other audio tracks must also be created in stereo, because if one must be in stereo then the others must also be built in the same manner. The tracks included in the final recording must always be built using two channels.

The three tracks required, message, sound and brainwave, should also be adjusted with respect to their amplitude before mixing the final recording. The audio message track should be slightly lower in amplitude than the sound track by approximately 5 decibels.

The brainwave track should be slightly be above audible perception and be at least 20 decibels lower in amplitude than the sound track. The reason for doing this is that the binaural tones presented in the brainwave track can become irritating to the listener and there is no benefit in doing so.

Again, the best way to judge the volume or amplitude levels of each of the recording components is to listen carefully before you decide to mix them together.

In conclusion, it is highly important that you mix each of your supporting audio tracks in the best way possible. Part of this involves adjusting the volume, loudness or amplitude of them before attempting to mix them together when creating your final recording. Doing this may require additional time, but it is usually worth the effort involved and likely that the recordings you create will be more satisfying to your listeners.

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