Communicate with the Subconscious Mind using Ideomotor ResponsesBefore using any type of subliminal method to reprogram your mind, you must be certain that your subconscious mind is in complete agreement with your conscious goals.

Ideomotor responses provide a simple and effective method of communicating with the subconscious to discover unresolved issues.

Most people are painfully conscious of what it is they desire from life and the obvious goals such as money, careers, love, health and various others, but this may still not be sufficient by itself.

There may be hidden subconscious blocks that prevent success because the subconscious mind may have been programmed not to allow certain desires to be fulfilled simply as a method of self-protection.

A person seeking wealth for example may have a subconscious belief that individuals with money are corrupt, deceitful and uncaring.

Unless the reprogramming method used (e.g. subliminal, hypnotic) addressed these subconscious issues, their affect may be minimal and all conscious goals ultimately overridden.

Subconscious Communication using Ideomotor Responses

Learning what subconscious blocks may exist is a vital and important step prior to embracing any self-help method. This means asking important questions and discovering the nature of any subconscious barriers to success.

Ideomotor Pendulum ResponsesPosing a question to the subconscious mind is similar to speaking to anyone else. You first need their attention and must ensure that they understand you.

A simple method is to use a pendulum and ideomotor responses to obtain the relevant answers.
In order to communicate with the subconscious mind it may require some time in order to train it to answer any question properly.

This principle is based on messages being relayed from your subconscious mind to your body through hand movements.

No conscious effort is required to move the hand, and it moves in response to questions properly asked. These unconscious body movements are called ideomotor responses.

How to Use a Pendulum and Ideomotor Responses

The easiest method of applying ideomotor responses is by using a simple pendulum. A small object such as a ring, crystal, stone or small weight is attached to a short piece of string. The string should be about eight or ten inches in length or roughly the distance between your hand and elbow.

Hold the loose end of the string between the thumb and first finger while resting the elbow on a flat surface such as a table. Let the pendulum dangle without consciously attempting to move it.

The pendulum can move in any of the following four directions. Vertically (up and down); horizontally (left and right); clockwise (rotating to the right) or counterclockwise (rotating to the left).

Ideomotor Pendulum MovementEach of these directions can be assigned an answer provided by your subconscious mind. The possible answers are Yes, No, I Don’t Know or I Don’t Want to Answer.

You must now ask the subconscious mind the meaning of each type of movement. Move the pendulum consciously in each of the four directions and then make it stop.
Once it almost stops moving, ask it to move in the yes direction and make note of which way it moved. You may wish to say “My subconscious will now move the pendulum in the Yes direction”. Do this for each of the remaining answers and it is not necessary to speak any words.

Watch the pendulum carefully and focus on thinking about the response that you seek. Think yes for the yes response and do the same for the other answers.
While this is performed you may find that the pendulum moves even though you didn’t ask it to.

Once you have found out which pendulum movements relate to which answers, mark them down. Your responses may have different movements than the ones shown in the diagram.

Training Your Subconscious Mind

You should now begin training your subconscious mind to answer by asking a few questions. Ask about your name, age, where you live or anything you already know the answer to.
Always phrase any question so that it can be answered with a simple yes or no. For example, “Am I four years old?” or “Do I live in North America?”

Asking questions like “What do I want?” or “What should I do?” are too general. You will most likely receive the “I Don’t Know” response.  Make your question more specific and ask for only a simple yes or no answer.

It is best that you write your questions down first, being certain to word them clearly. Keep in mind that your subconscious will take everything you say literally.  You must state exactly what it is that you want to know in order to receive the right answer.
If you keep receiving an “I Don’t Know” response to one of your questions it usually means that your question has one or more answers.  If you still receive the same response after revising your question then it probably means that your subconscious does not know the answer.
The pendulum is only one example of other forms of ideomotor responses but is probably the easiest to master. The questions that you can ask your subconscious are only limited by your need or imagination.

Understanding more about any subconscious blocks to success is important before creating or embracing any type of subliminal message recording. The best way to learn more is by asking an expert, and that would be you.

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