Subliminal Sound Track CreationSubliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal audio recordings require creating a sound track.

The purpose of this audio track is either to mask  messages, promote a state of relaxation or potentially both.

This is extremely important in how the subsequent audio components are built and their effectiveness.

Since the sound or masking track is usually most audibly predominant in a recording, it is important to know how to create, select or generate one in the best way possible.

There are two basic ways to consider a masking or sound track. The first is from the listener’s perspective, and the second from the creator’s perspective.

Since you are the creator of the recording, it is vital that you understand both what a potential listener expects and prefers, as well as what your own requirements are for a masking or sound track.

Subliminal Sound Tracks – What the Listener Expects

Subliminal Recording ExpectationsThe listener obviously expects that the recording will be of a high quality and be effective.

They are not concerned with the details of how it was created, but they will expect the masking or sound track that they hear be relaxing, soothing and appeal to them.

This means that as a recording creator, you must ensure that you meet these requirements. Unfortunately, what is relaxing, soothing and appealing to one person may be completely different for another person.

For example, the gentle sounds of ocean waves lapping onto the seashore with birds chirping in the background may be soothing to some, but may trigger a negative reaction in others.

Similarly, listening to the sounds of insects for an extended period may be quite unpleasant for certain individuals. To a lesser degree, classical music without vocals may simply sound uninteresting to some people.

The solution is to provide as wide a variety of masking or sound tracks as possible so that they appeal to the majority of the potential listeners. As simple as this may seem, it can difficult to do in practice. This is the point where the requirements of the listener meet yours, as a creator.

Sound and Masking Tracks – What the Recording Creator Desires

Being a creator of subliminal or other recording types, your preferences with respect to creating or selecting a masking or sound track are different than that of the listener. The most important of these are as follows:

  • Provide the fewest number of masking or sound tracks possible
  • Appeal to the largest number of listeners possible
  • Whether obtaining or generating sound tracks, be of low cost

Subliminal Recording Masking SoundsYou can provide only a small number of masking or sound tracks and still have your potential listeners find them appealing.

But you must select a core group that has been found to be acceptable to most people. The majority of people find nature sounds or gentle classical music to be soothing, relaxing and appealing.

Within the category of nature sounds, there are the sounds of ocean waves, rainfalls, waterfalls, rivers, brooks, wind, a crackling campfire and many others.

It is suggested that you consider providing two or more different types that sound consistent, such as ocean waves and perhaps a gentle rainfall.

Secondary Masking Track Audio Sounds

Even though these are wise choices, a secondary sound track should also be mixed with them. The reason for this is to provide random sounds that render the track more interesting to the ear.

A suggestion is to include additional nature sounds such as different types of birds or insects. Relaxing and soothing is important, but there is no reason for the sound track to seem so consistent that it becomes boring to listen to.

If you were to choose two primary types of nature and two secondary types, then after mixing, you would have four available selections for use as your sound or masking track.

This should be your minimum core group to use, but if you increase the number of primary or secondary sound types, it becomes more difficult to manage and you should not exceed eight.

Keep in mind that this is only the sound or masking track, and you still need to create and manage message and brainwave tracks (if used).

Subliminal Classical Music Sound SourcesClassical music sound tracks are also appealing but it is important that you choose those that are not overly dynamic.

By this it is meant that there should be few high and lows and the general sound and tempo is consistent.

A soft and gentle concerto by Beethoven or Bach is acceptable, but the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky is far too dynamic.

Also, if you choose to use classical music for your sound or masking tracks, there is no reason to mix them with a secondary track containing random sounds of nature.

The reason for this is that most classical music tracks are already reasonably consistent yet still sound interesting.

Sound Track Sources

As a recording creator, you also need to decide whether to obtain your sound or masking tracks from other sources, generate your own with software programs, record them yourself or perhaps a mixture of all three.

Sound Track ResourcesIf you choose to obtain free sound clips or pay for pre-recorded sound tracks, you must be cautious in how you select them.

Many available relate to nature sounds and those that are free are usually very short in length and of poor quality.

It is highly recommended that you do not use free short audio clips in your sound or masking track because of this.

Although usually limited to nature sounds, another option is to obtain software that can generate sound or masking tracks of any length that you can customize in virtually an infinite number of ways.

The advantages to this is that the generated sound track will be exactly what you design it to be, involve no royalty fees, be of high quality, and never have embedded subliminal messages.

You may also select to record your own sound tracks but this can be somewhat of a challenge. It requires the correct environment, good recording equipment and some patience.

Whether it involves nature sounds or classical music, the sound or masking track that you incorporate into your subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recording should be acceptable to your potential listener and be within the limits of your resources as a creator.

You also need to decide if it is best to record your own sound tracks, use prerecorded ones or use software to generate them. Striving for a balance between what options you provide your listeners with and what is manageable for you should be your goal.

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