Designing Relaxation Message Scripts for Supraliminal and Paraliminal RecordingsTwo types of recordings that you may choose to create require including a relaxation audio segment.

Supraliminal or paraliminal audio recordings should have an introductory audio segment that both physically and mentally helps the listener enter a relaxed state.

This article discusses the best way to write a relaxation script and how to properly use it in your recordings.

There are different aspects to designing a relaxation script and you should strive to achieve the desired effect for your listener and help them in every manner to enter a relaxed state.

Once recorded, your relaxation audio segment can likely be used when creating other recordings, but you must first ensure that it has the desired effect.

There are two features you should consider when writing a relaxation message script. The first is to use statements that will help the listener physically relax, and the second is to optionally introduce statements that allow them to mentally relax.

Designing Message Script Statements for Physical Relaxation

Messages designed to physically relax your listener should induce progressive stages of relaxation. The statements should be designed so that they gradually direct the listener into an increasingly more relaxed body state.

Message Script Statements for Physical RelaxationOne method of doing this is to verbally walk the listener through each major body area, direct their focus on it and suggest that it is now becoming relaxed.

This is easier to achieve if the listener is retiring for the night, or is physically fatigued, but you should not assume this is always the case.

It is better to presume that the listener is basically alert and conscious and construct your messages appropriately.

Doing so ensures that you are targeting people that may be physically exhausted and also those that are fully awake but have chosen to become relaxed by listening to your recording.

Your recorded relaxation script should have the same desired effect on both types of listeners. The only difference would be the time it takes to induce a state of physical relaxation.

It can take only seconds for one person to embrace relaxation and another, many minutes if not more.

Some suggested message statements that you could use in your relaxation script to physically relax your listener in a gradual manner are as follows:

  • Imagine that you are relaxing in a favorite place
  • You are feeling calm and comfortable
  • Breathe in deeply and gently
  • Feel yourself relaxing even more
  • All tension in your face and neck is now disappearing
  • Relaxation is moving to your chest and arms
  • Feel all physical tension dissolve now
  • Feel relaxation in your hips and legs
  • All tension dissolves gently through your feet
  • Breathe out gently and slowly
  • Your body is becoming even more relaxed

This is only a partial list of suggested message statements and you should include several more. Each additional statement should serve to enhance a physical state of relaxation. But you should not write a relaxation script that is too lengthy because once recorded, it may consume more time in the final recording.

By having the listener enter a physically more relaxed state, it is likely that they will become more receptive to the target messages that follow. But this is possibly not enough, in that although they may be relaxed physically, you should consider addressing the issue of mentally relaxing them.

This is optional and possibly not necessary for some of your potential listeners. For certain people, they may be able to relax their body, but their mind can still be active with concerns about the events of the day and perhaps hundreds of other thoughts. For others, once their body is relaxed they may also become mentally relaxed, but this is not always certain.

Designing Message Script Statements for Mental Relaxation

Enhancing Mental Relaxation with Message ScriptsOnce your relaxation script has the designed effect of introducing a state of physical relaxation, an optional next step is to induce a relaxed mental state so that the listener’s subconscious defense mechanisms are furthered lowered.

As a result of being physically relaxed, your target listener may not require more than a few statements that suggest they become mentally at ease.

These messages should be carefully written and in a gentle and considerate manner.

Your goal should be to suggest that they are mentally in a good place, are comfortable, safe and feel wonderful.

To assist you in doing this, some suggested statements that can help your listener enter this state are provided below.

  • Imagine being in a quiet and safe place
  • This is the place you have dreamt about before
  • Pretend that you are now in this place
  • In this place you let go of all problems
  • Everything is wonderful and in every way
  • You feel completely satisfied in this place
  • Embrace this space and let it envelop you
  • You are now feeling calm and comfortable

You will likely be able to write and consider including additional message statements that target mentally relaxing your listener. But you should be careful in how many statements your final relaxation script includes.

You should seek to keep your relaxation segment to at most a few minutes and this would mean writing from 30 to 50 relaxing message statements. This includes both message statements for physical and mental relaxation.

Message statements written to assist in physically relaxing your listener should represent the major content of your relaxation script. Including others that will aid in mentally relaxing your listener is also suggested.

Additional Methods to Inducing Relaxation

Your relaxation message script will ideally have two effects in that it permits the listener to embrace a gradual state of physical relaxation, and also that it optionally promotes a mental state of relaxation.

Sound and Brainwave Audio Tracks for RelaxationEither or both is desirable, but you must also consider the effects of accompanying sound or brainwave tracks designed to enhance this effect.

A relaxing sound track or brainwave track used in your recording will also aid to help your listener relax, both physically and mentally.

These are equally important for helping your listener, but just different.

There is a degree of overlap between your recorded relaxation messages and sound and brainwave tracks.

It may make no difference in the effect produced, but each has a purpose in attempting to quiet the mind of the listener and performs it in a unique manner.

An introductory relaxation audio message segment in your recording will attempt to guide your listener into a more receptive state, but this will only be for a few minutes.

Sound or brainwave audio tracks will attempt to enhance or sustain this relaxed state for almost the entire duration of the recording, but in a different manner.

It may take several attempts to create an ideal relaxation message script, but it will likely be worthwhile because your listener will appreciate it more, and you can likely reuse the relaxation segment in other recordings.

In conclusion, you should design and write your relaxation scripts in a positive manner, and understanding the differences between physical and mental relaxation will only ensure that your listener is more able to embrace the subject messages of your recording.

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