You likely already know that a subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal audio recording can have an affect on your subconscious mind. If it can introduce changes to your subconscious, then it can affect your beliefs, attitudes and the actions you take.

If you took different actions based on your subconscious triggers to do so, you are far more likely to achieve success with what you are targeting, no matter what that may be. Still, the question remains, why bother to create any type of self-help recording?

Why Create Your Own Subliminal Recordings?

There are several benefits to creating your own subliminal recordings or other types of subliminal recordings. The most important is that you are able to help yourself. There are likely one or more areas in your life that you would like to improve upon. No matter how many, for now just assume that it is possible to change anything about your life using subliminal audio recordings.

The next most important benefit as to creating subliminal recordings is that you will never have to pay anyone at anytime for a pre-recorded version. Once you master the art of designing and creating your own, you will never again have to spend even a penny for another (except perhaps for a blank CD). You will have the freedom to help yourself by learning how to create your own self-help recordings, no matter what types of subliminal recordings you choose to build.

If you have ever purchased a subliminal recording and either had it shipped to you or downloaded it, there may have been some doubt in your mind as to whether it would work or not for you.

Were the subliminal messages right for you? Was it created in the best way possible? Is it targeting the issue that is most important to you? Will it work for you? How long will it take? Did you purchase the best subliminal recording?

You do not have to be concerned about these doubts if you have control over creating your own subliminal recordings. You control the creation, design and building of any type of subliminal you wish to produce. No doubts whatsoever because you create it for yourself by yourself.

Another benefit is that you will be able to help others. Once you know how to create your own self-help audio recordings, all you have to do is mention it to your family, friends or acquaintances and watch the reactions. Once you do, they will be asking you to create one for them. You can either explain it to them and provide one for them or keep quiet. It is your choice and you can choose to help if preferred, but be warned that this is likely to happen.

The last advantage but perhaps of most importance to you is that creating your own subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recordings can provide you with an additional source of income. You will be able to market them to virtually millions of people if you wish. The self-help business is a multi-billion dollar industry which you can join if you choose to.

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